A downloadable game

Rocka Feller - a striking new take on classic 'rocks and gems' action-puzzle gaming. Dig for the diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds; take care with the boulders and beware the cave critters. Features include:

  • At least fifty playable levels, with the facility to create your own custom, shareable levels and level playlists.
  • Ten graphical themes, plus bonus and unlockable themes.
  • Gamepad and (remappable) keyboard control.
  • Standard to widescreen aspect ratios (800x600 to 1366x768)

(Please note that this game is still under development, and that some of the graphics shown here may be subject to change)

This game only supports Xbox 360 Controller (in-game). An Xbox 360 Controller Emulator can be found here.